The PowerRetrieve document capture and retrieval engine is now available for software developers to integrate its powerful capabilities into their own software or Line of Business applications.


PowerRetrieve provides a powerful RESTful Application Programming Interface (API) which allows developers and OEM partners to programmatically pass search queries into the PowerRetrieve Document Repository and receive back a hit list of matching documents with fragments of text, highlighting colour-coded hit words.

  • Pass search queries into PowerRetrieve

    Returns hit lists and colour coded document fragments

  • Download original documents

    Create New documents

    Update existing documents

  • It is a RESTful API and returns xml based output for calling applications to consume. 

    This API uses HTTP for all four Create, Read, Update and Delete operations.


The PowerRetrieve API was used to integrate the PowerRetrieve technology into Microsoft SharePoint

360Globalnet have integrated PowerRetrieve into their data analytics platform using the PowerRetrieve API

The PowerRetrieve web search user interface was built using the PowerRetrieve RESTful API