PowerRetrieve SaaS

We are aware that many organisations are now looking to access their information technology on a 'pay as you go' service basis. As a result Infocap has launched a Managed Service offering, giving subscribing users access to the PowerRetrieve functionality across their documents without the need for any in-house server hardware, IT support or expertise.

This service is available as an ongoing service or to support time-based projects, giving customers the potential to scale-up and scale-back their usage as required.

Key Features

From the minute a customer signs up to our Managed Service offering we will co-ordinate the whole process for them including:

·         Establishing a backlog and ongoing document ingestion plan

·         Configuring the PowerRetrieve environment to best suit their needs

·         Providing training for the users


As part of this service Infocap will provide:

·         Oversight of the operational service

·         First Line technical support to the users

·         Maintenance of the PowerRetrieve platform at the latest level of release


This service is delivered for a monthly usage fee, with an upfront set-up charge dependent upon the scope and scale of the document backlog to be ingested.

Technical Info

The PowerRetrieve SaaS offering is based on the latest and full functionality of the PowerRetrieve platform.

The service is available on Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services, and includes:

·         Configuration of access security

·         Scalable data storage options

·         Secure connection over SSL

·         Documents and data securely stored and backed up in the chosen Data Centre

·         24/7 availability